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Oh, that one moment with the lights down low. He's got sweat stinging his eyes and he keeps reaching up to them, pushing thick hair of the way. He wants to see them--his crowd.

And just like that, his fingers are on the neck of his guitar, fondling the frets.

"I played this, for the first time. It was in the shower, with my acoustic."

Oh God, mutters Tim, braced all the way in the back of the club. Someone will have gotten that online, and while Dick's turning fans into stalkers in person here (how could they resist?), a percentage will come from a virtual world--those future towns they'll visit. The cities, where encounters are just waiting to happen. It'll be hell to run security at future shows, Dick. Every time you open your damn mouth...

"It sounded terrible," laughs the man commanding all of their attention. "I wrote it for you."


At this point I'd love to:

--embed something here--

The problem is, I've got nothing new. Coldplay "Yellow" goes good with damn near anything, but this is old hat. And "Inside of Love" by Nada Surf is a close second, though that's likely because when I hum one, I inadvertently get sucked into the other. My brain thinks their guitars are the same, even though I think that's just a glitch in my memory.

I posted New Pornographers, which is my current newcomer lately, last weeks.

There's the new Death Cab (meaning old, I just found it late)...I don't think "Long Division" would be something Dick would sing. Tim would write it, but it's not something Dick would sing...I may even have shared that months ago. I can't remember.

Sooooo, how about someone share music with me for once. If Dick's serenading the world (possibly to annoy Tim--attention is attention) what the heck is he playing?


(Maybe I'm thinking of continuing old fictions. I'm a bad person. XD)


Jun. 23rd, 2010 04:20 am (UTC)
Ah. He's a sensation, then. All spectacle and props, though not for those tedious reasons that most performers go to them. Often, flash and dazzle is used to compensate for a lack of talent. You could seriously wound the boy with such accusations.

No, they're there because they're fun. Because they can sometimes reflect the momentary bursts of passions that come from the music. Oh God, that music...

I can see Dick taking to the sound as he would to the Mission, if his life had swung that way. But the way his parents and the other members of his family--years before the accident--would join together, harmonize, connect with the sound...

There's some things multi-millionaires could never understand, having grown up in silent mansions and seeing only the shadows of the alley-ways in the city.

No, there's life in music. There's expression there. A peace, if you can admit it. And the blinding lights, the timed explosions and the way a musician can hold a room dead silent with just the careful manipulation of one note, repeated...


Glad you're pleased. I really need to reread everything before I start writing again in earnest, because I can't remember what I decided on as canon. Knowing me, I've probably hinted at how this reflects continuity, but I can never be sure. It's like reading someone else's writing, even though I'm certain I remember doing it. A convincing liar could leave me in a lot of doubt. Hah. :D

I can definitely see Dick longing again for the 80s. Think of the Nightwing costume!

The "Heart - Alone" video was pretty nostalgic. Sadly, I'd skip over the 80s personally myself, because I fell for the indie stuff of the latest decade. I will give it it's due, and listen patiently. Most of it's meaning eludes me, though. It has to mean something to someone, lest why would we as a species retain it? But the art does not speak to this listener. And if it is, maybe I'm not listening.

My conundrum. 9___9
Jun. 23rd, 2010 02:38 pm (UTC)
I should probably mention that I don't listen to (or watch) 80s music on a regular basis (okay, except when I'm cleaning house...)

Dick has passion, and talent in *spades*, but no one ever claimed he had taste. That's why, when I saw that video, in all its tacky glory, I thought, "Dick would have loved this." XD

But his talent shines through. Even in those early years, back with Donna and Roy and Wally, even when they were a bunch of kids just getting together to jam and get away from the pressures of their other "careers", out of the shadows of their mentors, he sparkled. He was a star. And he wanted flashy costumes and fog and lights and fireworks, because more was always better, right? And, as you say, it was *fun*.

Things are different, now. There's power in letting the music speak for itself, and Dick learned a lot from Bruce. But sometimes...he'd never admit it to Tim (even though Tim probably already knows)...but sometimes he misses the garish costumes and flash.
Jun. 27th, 2010 01:56 am (UTC)
I think you're absolutely right here. :D