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I'm in the midst of cleaning the house (again, though I could never really say it's been cleaned fully yet. Like aspiring for utopia. There's just always setbacks.) before my trip. In a week I fly over to Europe, hang out with trunks_angel and then go beat up girls in Germany for martial arts. Life is just too cool lately.

Unfortunately, I don't keep my promises about updating here more often. The fact makes me sad, and I am sorry.

Tomorrow I go zip-lining for charity, so there's too much to do right now rather than stress. I'm exhausted, but the house must be cleaned and my room-mate is having an uncharacteristic mood of helping, which I must take advantage of.

Chinese food is ordered (SO HUNGRY) and clothes are being sorted. I hope some of you are still around. I hope it means something.

Life and love and happiness to y'all.