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Friends Locked/ Fanfiction Archive

♥ Fiction will be posted publicly. Real life entries will be secret. ♥

Hahah, people still come here. Srsly?! I mean, really srsly?!!???
That's just cool.

[All works listed here are arranged in an order that shall be determined at a later date. Some works may not have had original titles either, so I kind of made them up on the spot. The creative process is a strange and lazy creature. This page is a work in progress.

Stories will be in the following format: "Title." [status; if there is one] Characters.
Rating - Date
Short description creating the link.]

Fanfiction is so far recorded from July 25, 2006 to present day. (If you know of any of my writing in your comments, please let me know.)


DC Fandom

Kazuya Minekura

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles




Gifts for me



"On the Abundance of Oak"
G - January 21, 2013
Clearly, the Hobbit had no skill with a sword. But with a shield...

"Campfire/Hobbit Feet" [2 drabbles]
G - January 20, 2013
Two short Hobbit-inspired drabbles involving the Dwarfs getting to know Bilbo.

DC Fandom

"Worse" [drabble]
G - July 6, 2010
It...it could have been a lot worse.

"Restarting w. Words" [drabble] Superman, Batman
G - June 21, 2008
Kal's family ran on promises.

"Of Bad Plans & Kryptonite" Superboy, Robin, Raven
PG - June 19, 2008
I can see what's coming, but I'm not saying it.

"The Start of Something Behind You" [drabble] Tim, Batman, Spoiler
PG - May 27, 2008
Reaction and foreshadowing.

"Hindsight" [drabble] Raven, Tim, Teen Titans
G - May 22, 2008
She sees Tim through other people, though it may not mean anything.

"Oracle" [drabble] Oracle
G - January 31, 2008
A character in 25 words.

"Ragged Commandment" [drabble] Superman; Batman
PG - Janurary 29, 2008
Kal, Bruce and Gotham. Their natures cannot be helped, nor combined.

"Jason" [drabble] Jason Todd; Tim Drake
G - Janurary 15, 2008
A character in 31 words.

"Bruce" [drabble] Superman; Bruce Wayne
G - Janurary 11, 2008
A character in 90 words.

"The Art of Past-Tense" [Elseworld: Fielding-esque] Tim Drake; Bruce Wayne; Clark Kent; Dick Grayson; Jason Todd
G - January 10, 2008
Richard and Jason have always shared games. And now they're forced to share a little more...

"The Art of Pretense" [Elseworlds: Fielding-esque] Clark Kent; Bruce Wayne
PG - January 8, 2008
True wit is nature to advantage drest; What oft was thought, but ne'er so well exprest.

"Rocks in the Road" Robin III; Batman; Nightwing
PG - January 8, 2008
There's more to training than just being cruel.

"Shine V" [ongoing] Lex Luthor; Nightwing; Flash; Roy; Tim Drake
PG - January 6, 2008
A guitar.

"Shine IV" [ongoing] Tim Drake; Nightwing; Superboy; Lex Luthor; Bruce Wayne
PG - Janurary 4, 2008
Tim is defined. Lex Luthor makes the definitions.

"A Kind of Hope" [drabble] Batman; Superman; Robin III; Superboy
PG - January 3, 2008
Batman knows what's going to be hurt by this.

"Perhaps it Takes a Human..." [drabble] Batman; Superman; Joker
PG - January 1, 2008
A moment after a moment.

"Shine III" [ongoing] Tim Drake; Nightwing; Barbara Gordon; Bruce Wayne; Lex Luthor
G - December 31, 2007
The show must go on.

"Shine II" [ongoing] Nightwing; Roy; Tim Drake; Superboy
PG - December 31, 2007
If you're not lost in thought, you soon will be.

"Shine I" [ongoing] Superboy; Nightwing; Tim Drake
G - December 31, 2007
It's what you put into the show...

"See You in the Movies" [drabble] Batman; Superman
PG13 - December 22, 2007
Bruce knows us too well. Kal will catch on.

"Second Place Weaknesses" [drabble] Batman; Superman
PG - December 22, 2007
He takes it out on his good friends but the worst days in, oh where would I begin?

"Some Elevating Love" [drabble] Batman; Superman
G - December 21, 2007
It can't be helped.

"Hide & Seek" [incomplete] Bruce Wayne; Tim Drake; Lex Luthor
PG - December 20, 2007
One of his more prosperous talents, Luthor could manipulate treasure from secrets.

"Catch 2" [Art] Robin III; Superman-Kon; Flash-Bart
PG13 - October 26, 2007
First draft art: "How Teen Titans #51 should have ended"

"Means of Monday Morning" Jason Todd
PG - October 10, 2007
Everyone has a job, but it doesn't have to be likable.

"Prime" [Art] Superboy Prime
PG - October 9, 2006
Play crack the sky.

"Swap My Place" [drabble] Robin III; Superboy
G - October 5, 2007
Tim drops in.

"The Good Kind of Shots" [Elseworld: DC/Trigun; drabble] Bruce Wayne; Clark Kent
PG - October 5, 2007
For Bruce and his nights, there is no division between the wasteland and the sky.

"When You Need it Most" Tim Drake; Joker; Superman
PG - October 3, 2007
Some days aren't worth a smile.

"Taste of Temptation" [art] Robin III; Batman-Tim
PG - September 30, 2007

"Go Off Like a Gun" [drabble] Robin III; Batman-Tim
PG - September 26, 2007
Nothing is sexier than guns...

"When it's Over" [drabble] Batman; Superman; Robin III; Oracle
PG - September 17, 2007
Two bitter tales of the DCU.

"Three Stories In" [drabble] Robin III; Superboy; Kid Flash; Wonder Girl
G - September 3, 2007
A play on words can bring them together or tear them apart.

"The Quiet Things that No One Ever Knows" [Elseworlds: DC/Pirates] Tim Drake; Lex Luthor; Dick Grayson; Wally West; Bruce Wayne; Clark Kent; Bane; Roy Harper; Bart Allen; Kon-El Kent
PG - August 9, 2007
Tim's sinking like a stone in the sea.

"Out of the Sick Gothic Night" [drabble] Gotham City
G - July 4, 2007
A 150-word look at Gotham.

"You Can't Raincheck an Encounter" [drabble] Clark Kent; Bruce Wayne
G - July 28, 2007
Clark Kent's not the only one who works in the morning...

"Mix-Tape" Superboy; Tim Drake
PG - July 16, 2007
Do you sleep or sing when words lose their meaning?

"The Calm Before the Storm (Pilot Edition)" [Elseworlds: DC/stormchasing</i> Conner Kent; Clark Kent; Lois Lane; Dick Grayson; Bruce Wayne; Tim Drake
PG - July 16, 2007
When the pressure drops...

"Enter the River Styx" [art] Bart Allen
PG13 - July 3, 2007

"Worth a Garage Sale" [drabble] Robin III; Bart Allen
G - June 23, 2007
And the dinosaur died...

"When You Next See Lightning" Batman; Robin III; Bart Allen
PG - June 22, 2007
Bruce and Tim don't exactly sort feelings.

"Save Your Life For Something Good" [art] Bart Allen
G - June 21, 2007

"Stars Wait" Bart Allen; Superboy; Stephanie Brown; Robin III
PG - June 20, 2007
Heaven's not being pulled down tonight, or any night.

"Nauseated" [drabble/meme] Superboy; Robin III
PG - June 13, 2007
Kon is nauseated.

"Uncomfortable" [drabble/meme] Tim Drake; Bruce Wayne; Lex Luthor
PG - June 2, 2007
Robin is uncomfortable.

"Don't Ever Think" [Elseworld: AU; drabble] Superboy; Robin II; Lex Luthor
PG - March 28, 2007
Jason isn't always an ideal best friend.

"Something Wicked..." [Art] Robin III
G - March 18, 2007

Comment/drabble Beast Boy; Robin III; Impulse; Superboy
PG13 - March 2, 2007
With pikakao and vespa331

"Early Dismissal" [drabble] Batman; Superman; Robin III
PG - February 12, 2007
There are a million reasons to be here. All of them probably good.

"Riddim" Robin III; Superboy; Kid Flash; Wonder Girl
PG - January 29, 2007
Despite (or maybe part of) who he is, Robin rarely becomes hindered by barriers.

"The Art of Putting it All Together" Robin III; Batman
PG13 - January 23, 2007
One day he'll be considered a man.

"Masquerade" [Elseworld: DC/PotO] Superboy; Kid Flash; Robin III
PG13 - January 22, 2007
Cross-over, cross-dressing, and Conner Kent is cross (as well as *very* confused).

"Sources" Flash-Bart; Robin III
PG13 - January 20, 2007
Packing is hard.

"Lengths" [Elseworlds: DC/Tsubasa; chatlog] Yuko; Superboy; Robin III; Titans
PG - January 8, 2007
And braver than you think... with trunks_angel.

"Robin's Christmas (II)" Robin III; Superboy; Bruce Wayne
PG - December 24, 2006
Because it needs to be said.

"An Angel Came Down (I)" [drabble] Robin III; Superboy
PG - December 16, 2006
Because Tim has better places to be than lurking in the background of Didio's Christmas party.

"Getting Involved in the Goods" [tribute/drabble] Robin III; Bart Allen
PG - December 13, 2006
He just worries.

"Fellowship" [comments in pikakao's journal]Bruce Wayne; Tim Drake
PG - December 4, 2006
There's a boy to take home.

"Families of One" [drabble] Superman; Robin III
PG - November 30, 2006
With so much in common it's still possible to disagree.

"Wonder Boy" [drabble] Wonder Girl; Robin III
PG - November 22, 2006
She's jealous of how he can just turn them off; the bad ideas that feel so soft.

"Ask and Ye Better Recieve" [drabble] Dick Grayson; Deathstroke
PG13 - November 8, 2006
To knock a thing down...

"Costumes and a Statement" Superboy; Tim Drake; Bernard
PG - October 31, 2006
Not all dates excuse all things.

"The Thing Not Shared" [drabble] Nightwing; Robin III
PG - October 29, 2006
As brothers they'll share everything but...

"I Play My Games Beneath the Spin Light" [drabble/crack-fic; co-authored with trunaks_angel] Tim Drake; Conner Kent; Bart Allen
PG - October 24, 2006
Dancing and insanity.

"When You Don't Ask For It" Kon-El; Bruce Wayne; Tim Drake; Kal-El
PG13 - September 29, 2006
Kon knows that this isn't as right as it feels.

"52" [art] Booster Gold; Wonder Woman; Superman; Batman
G - September 26, 2006
So apparently...

"Rain" [doodle] Robin III
G - September 26, 2006
Rough original
Rough colour-edit

"Four O'Clock Belongs to Nobody" [drabble] Superboy; Robin III
PG13 - September 23, 2006
Is it push or shove when you do it to yourself?

Comment-Drabble Tim Drake; Bruce Wayne; Wonder Girl; Superboy
PG - September 17, 2006
During 52...we wish.

"The Fall" Robin III; Superman-Kon; Batman-Tim
PG - September 14, 2006
There will always be pandemonium when a Robin stops living. (Titans of Tomorrow arc)

"Mistakes We Knew We Were Making" [drabble] Robin III; Ravenger; Superboy
PG13 - September 9, 2006
When he falls into bed he is not alone.

"The Mind and Your Sleeve" Robin III; Raven; Batman; Nightwing; Titans
PG13 - August 31, 2006
In retrospect, you're barely scraping by.

"Feather on Your Back" [drabble] Tim Drake; Nightwing; Jack Drake
R - August 30, 2006
He can't fly anymore, but that doesn't mean he'll stop crowding the runway.

"Both Sides Now" [drabble] Robin III; Superboy; Nightwing
PG - August 29, 2006
It's not the illusion after all.

"Hear Me Out II" Robin III; Raven; Superboy; Titans
PG - August 25, 2006
The sun has set; it's to be over, yet.

"Cain and Abel Wayne" [Batman #656-7] Batman; Robin III; Damien
PG - August 24, 2006
For all the ways there are to build a family, there are that many ways to tear one apart.
~continued here

"Certain Wonders" [incomplete/preview] Tim Drake
PG - August 17, 2006
Robin's War Journal: Day seventy...You will never guess what happened. Never ever EVER!

"Until Death Due Us" [drabble] Superman; Batman
PG - August 14, 2006
If you take us away, still we can say...

Five Things...[memes]

"Five Things Prime Did When He Escaped" [drabble/meme] Superboy Prime; Robin III; Ion; Flash-Bart
PG13 - October 7, 2006
He's watched their world countless times through the mirrors.

"Five Ways that Tim Became a Supervillain" [drabble/meme] Robin III; Joker; Lex Luthor; Superboy; Batman; Nightwing
PG13 - December 12, 2006
Cruelty makes it's house where...

"Five Times Kon Almost Told Tim He Loved Him" [drabble/meme] Superboy; Robin III; Teen Titans; Young Justice; Robin IV
PG - October 7, 2006
Sorry, Tim says. Keep talking.

"Five Ways it Could've Been so Much Worse for Young Justice on Apokolips" [drabble/meme] Wonder Girl; Impulse; Superboy; Robin III; Lobo; Arrowette
PG13 - October 7, 2006
The horror and the rapture.

"Five Ways Power-Swapping Went Weird for the Teen Titans" [drabble/meme] Robin III; Superboy; Krypto; Starfire; Wonder Girl; Kid Flash; Nightwing; Oracle; Raven
PG13 - October 6, 2006
Oh God, Robin shakes his head. Just...why don't we have any plans for this?

"Five Ways Jason Todd Came Back" [drabble/meme] Red Hood; Jason Todd; Batman; Tim Drake; Rube-Dead Like Me; Lex Luthor
PG - October 4, 2006
He understands that he should never feel horrible in this place.

"Five Things Batman/Bruce almost said to Kon" [drabble/meme] Batman; Superboy; Robin III
PG - September 23, 2006
Every so often it is good to f*** things up a bit.

"Five Things Tim Did to Get Conner Back" [drabble/meme] Superboy; Robin III; Kid Flash; Yuko-Tsubasa; Lex Luthor; Martian Manhunter
PG - September 23, 2006
There is never anything more painful than patience.

"Five Things that Made Clark/Kal-El Think of Conner" [drabble/meme] Superman; Superboy; Batman; Superboy Prime
PG13 - September 22, 2006
The memory of what had been lost before is like a kryptonite knife in his heart.

"Five Things Tim and Kon Disagree On" [drabble/meme] Superboy; Robin III; Kid Flash; Nightwing
PG - September 21, 2006
Tim is already walking away.

"Five Jobs Bart Wishes He Could Have Had (Instead of Being a Super-Hero)" [drabble/meme] Bart Allen; Matches Malone; Bruce Wayne
PG - September 21, 2006
If Bart were God...

"Five Things Kon Wishes He had Told Clark/Kal-El" [drabble/meme] Superboy; Superman; Batman
PG - September 21, 2006
It doesn't make him feel like much of a son.

"Five Things that Tim Will Never Go Under Cover as Again" [drabble/meme] Robin III; Superboy; Oracle; Nightwing; Deathstroke
PG13 - September 14, 2006
It's not that he hates the job. He's just too good at it.

"Five Occasions when DC (Hopefully) Realized They Made a Mistake" [drabble/meme] Jack Drake; Robin III; Superboy; Wonder Girl; Superboy Prime; Titans; Batwoman-Kane; Bart Allen
PG13 - September 14, 2006
You're not who you're supposed to be.

Series - Stories with Separate Parts


"Test Drive" Tyler Hardy; Lex Luthor; Metallo
PG13 - April 8, 2007
Oh boys and their speeding cars...

"'Tagonists" Tyler Hardy; Grodd; Black Zero; Trickster; Lex Luthor; Slade Wilson
PG13 - April 7, 2007
A random idea.

"Room Noises" Jinx; Tyler Hardy; Oliver Queen; Roy Harper;
PG13 - January 21, 2007
It's messed up, but Tyler's still surviving.

Elseworlds - Teen Titans/Robin Hood

"Part 4"
PG13 - December 31, 2006
We return to Timothy and Kon-El in the forest.

"Part 3"
PG - December 28, 2006
Tim and Kon in Sherwood.

"Part 2"
PG - December 19, 2006
The people in Tim's world need to learn: Never trust a stranger whose smile cannot be seen.

"Daylight Robbery (Pt. 1)" [drabble]
PG - December 18, 2006
It gets him everytime.

Elseworlds-Tim is Clark's Son

"Unfinished I" [drabble; incomplete] Robin III; Superboy
G - April 7, 2007
Tim is Tim.

"Welcome Home Son" The Kents; Superboy; Robin III
PG13 - March 24, 2007
There is gravity between two sons.

"What Child is This?" [drabble] Superman; Janet Drake; Jack Drake; Robin III; Bruce Wayne
PG - March 18, 2007
The Man of Metropolis steals more than just our hearts.

Elseworlds-DC/Modern Cowboys (inspired w/ trunks_angel)

"When God is a Parent" [drabble] Clark Kent; Bruce Wayne; Tim Drake; Dick Grayson; Jason Todd; Conner Kent
G - August 15, 2006
You can put a country boy in the city but...

Elseworlds-Gods Must Be Crazy

"The Gods Are Still Crazy" [incomplete]
PG - February 7, 2007
Denying destiny is just as hard as following it.

"The Gods Must Be Crazy"
PG - Janurary 24, 2007
This is why we do not follow blindly.

Red X/Slade/Robin

"A Million Ways to be Cruel" [next part in "He Just May Get It" arc] Tyler Hardy; Slade; Robin; Other
PG - January 2, 2008
An Imposing

Comment/fic-Elseworlds [Elseworlds: fandom/pirates; drabble] Red X; Terra
PG - March 1, 2007
Red X is a pirate...or wants to be. With katarik.

"He Just May Get It" [incomplete] Tyler Hardy; Robin
PG13 - December 20, 2006
Tyler should not seek attention so actively.

"Animus" [drabble] Robin; Slade
G - November 22, 2006
Thank you, broken fourth-wall. And thank you, Jung.

Teen Titans Go - Richie-verse

"Fic for katarik" [pwp] "Richie"; "Joe"
R - August 16, 2006
Some books fall down. Then they're picked up. They fall down again. The other inhumanity is my inability to summarize this fic.


"TV Ghosts" [drabble] Superboy; Kid Flash; Robin III
G - July 21, 2007
Dangerously close to the 4th wall.

"Crusade" [chatlog] Tim Drake; Kon-El Kent; Dick Grayson; Bruce Wayne
PG13 - July 18, 2007
Co-written with trunks_angel, regarding the insertion of DC characters into Supernatural's season-ender.

"Chasing Monsters; Finding Ghosts" Sam; Dean; Robin?
PG - July 17, 2007
Without you there are dark and empty streets.

RPG-based (from T & K with trunks_angel

"Your First Regret is Free" [drabble] Nightwing; Oracle II; Tim Drake; Kon-El Kent; others
PG13 - September 20, 2006
It doesn't rain. For some reason, he thinks it should.

Kazuya Minekura


"Inhumanity of this Mere Bump in the Road" [drabble] Hakkai; Sanzo; Gojyo; Goku
PG13 - April 22, 2008
Not really saying it should be easy, this journey has no right to being so hard.

"Glittering Sound (A Plague) i." [ongoing] Sanzo; Hakkai; Gojyo; Goku; Chin Yisou
PG13 - August 25, 2007
When everything is going so well, watch for ghosts at your heels.

"Worried" [drabble/meme] Sanzo
PG - June 2, 2007
Sanzo is worried.

"Rejuvenated" [drabble/meme] Gojyo; Hakkai
PG - June 2, 2007
Gojyo is rejuvenated.

"Yellow" Goku; Sanzo
PG - May 8, 2007
In dreams, all paths can cross.

"Dead By Silence" [drabble] Goku; Sanzo; Gojyo; Hakkai; Ni Jianyi
PG - April 21, 2007
Is your destruction Heaven or Hell?

"Laurel Banners" Sanzo; Hakkai
PG - April 18, 2007
To be what is natural is to entwine.

Wild Adapter

"Indifference" [drabble/meme] Kubota
PG13 - June 13, 2007
Kubota is indifferent.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

"Your Song" [drabble] Donatello
G - July 28, 2007
How wonderful life is...

"All is Lost" [drabble] Raphael
PG - July 26, 2007
If heaven falls.

"Disappointed" [drabble/meme] Leonardo; Michelangelo; Raphael; Donatello
PG - June 13, 2007
Leo is disappointed.



"Like a Stain in the Shirt's Newest Sleeve" [phone-post] Snyper; Halo
PG - July 14, 2007
It's all morning routine.

"The Vanishing" Snyper; Evil
PG - February 17, 2007
Not a gift a killer is used to enjoying...

"Gratitude" [drabble] Snyper; Halo
PG - October 20, 2006
A lot to be thankful for.

"Snyper" [art] Snyper
PG - October 9, 2006

"Five Things Snyper Told Halo" [drabble/meme] Snyper; Halo; Gabriel
PG - October 7, 2006
Three about drinks; two about living whent he glass is no longer half full.

"Cut-Out" [doodle] Snyper
G - September 26, 2006

Rend-verse (and Chameleon too!)

"Reduced Visibility" [art] Rend
PG - February 11, 2007
Gift art.

"Five Things Rend Did when No One could See" [drabble/meme] Rend; Chameleon; Veracity's parents
PG - September 14, 2006
Let the dead there lie naked.

5 Ghosts (title a work in progress)

"Part One"
G - August 30, 2007
The artist alone sees the spirits...

"Five Things the Aliens Said when They Landed in Saskatoon" [drabble/meme] Real People in fictional setting
PG - September 14, 2006
They came quite silently, you see.


"A Clean Bill of Health" Amazing Spider-Man #569
G - June 17, 2010
Not the end he had expected.

"A Million Bloody Fireworks" [drabble] Wolverine; Captain America
PG - July 1, 2007
So long as there's a flag, someone's got your back.


[Random Crack-Meme] DC Comics; Saiyuki; Tsubasa; Trigun; Original
PG - Janurary 13, 2008
Questions and characters.

"Nostalgia" [drabble/meme] Grissom-CSI
PG - June 2, 2007
Grissom is nostalgic.

"How the Heart Bends" [art; tribute]
G - November 11, 2006
Yes, you are a stranger here.

"The Places that You Learn to Fear the Most" [Loveless] Ritsuka; Soubi; Seimi;
PG13 - October 22, 2006
Ritsuka's rational side believes that it can't be all bad. Now if he can just make his emotional side see logic...

Gifts for Me

A Snyper/Halo sketch from pikakao - January 20, 2007

A Bart/Thad comic from pikakao - January 4, 2007

A Tim/Kon manip from trunks_angel - December 5, 2006


May 9, 2007
A little vendetta.

March 28, 2007
my eyes are shells

December 19, 2006
You will not follow me.

December 7, 2006
Oh little bird descending

October 18, 2006
And would you be so kind to kiss me or to kill me

October 11, 2006
Silence of signals; petrify this knight.

October 8, 2006
Fleshy thing of bone and body, my

October 5, 2006

August 18, 2006
They make a sound...


(Note to self: unfinished fics.) http://cosmicastaway.livejournal.com/567851.html


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