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Oh, that one moment with the lights down low. He's got sweat stinging his eyes and he keeps reaching up to them, pushing thick hair of the way. He wants to see them--his crowd.

And just like that, his fingers are on the neck of his guitar, fondling the frets.

"I played this, for the first time. It was in the shower, with my acoustic."

Oh God, mutters Tim, braced all the way in the back of the club. Someone will have gotten that online, and while Dick's turning fans into stalkers in person here (how could they resist?), a percentage will come from a virtual world--those future towns they'll visit. The cities, where encounters are just waiting to happen. It'll be hell to run security at future shows, Dick. Every time you open your damn mouth...

"It sounded terrible," laughs the man commanding all of their attention. "I wrote it for you."


At this point I'd love to:

--embed something here--

The problem is, I've got nothing new. Coldplay "Yellow" goes good with damn near anything, but this is old hat. And "Inside of Love" by Nada Surf is a close second, though that's likely because when I hum one, I inadvertently get sucked into the other. My brain thinks their guitars are the same, even though I think that's just a glitch in my memory.

I posted New Pornographers, which is my current newcomer lately, last weeks.

There's the new Death Cab (meaning old, I just found it late)...I don't think "Long Division" would be something Dick would sing. Tim would write it, but it's not something Dick would sing...I may even have shared that months ago. I can't remember.

Sooooo, how about someone share music with me for once. If Dick's serenading the world (possibly to annoy Tim--attention is attention) what the heck is he playing?


(Maybe I'm thinking of continuing old fictions. I'm a bad person. XD)


Jun. 22nd, 2010 03:24 am (UTC)
Well I'm not sure what Dick would serenade the world with, but I certainly need to share an instrumental piece with you (which I shall upload now). It's from season 4 of the new Doctor Who series (it's my brother's fault, he got me into it! And Kon muse freakin' loves it too! ¬¬;;;)
Jun. 22nd, 2010 03:32 am (UTC)
Can Kon-Muse even hear over all the heavy metal? ♥

Oh super-hearing and the acceptable limit to how cool people listen to music.

And still, I get happy butterflies just thinking about Robin's iPod playing muffled indie songs while he patrols on dull nights--the sounds audible right along with his heart beat, zip line, secret humming. Oh, those signs of life that are overheard by super clones in the night...