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A-Team > Iron Man II

I know I do this after every movie that excites me (Star Trek; Iron Man; both the latest Batman flicks) but srsly best movie ever.

And it has nothing to do with Liam Neeson.

Or...a little of a lot to do with him. Eeeeeee!

At the risk of the spoiling anything, I will not make a vast and epic list of all the really amazing things that completely made my life.

Not at all.


No list.

I love you flyingtank


Random Writing

(please forgive. I sat down with an idea that was as old as me just sitting down. And I haven't proofed it and am well aware I change between tenses as I go. Just kind of dallied as I went.)

This is how I feel, being away for so long...

Take a day off, Tim. You've earned it.Collapse )

"I just realized I had started outside job without my gloves on."

"Oh, well heaven forbid if you have to touch garbage with your hands."

"Hey, I have delicate hands. If angels had eczema, their hands would look like mine!"


Full of Null. REASON and...bleason?

I like my boys all ruff n' tumble. I just had to get that out there. All that tucked in shirt, it's not tucked in anymore, is it? And those suspenders. Mmmm, Victorian pretty stuff.

*shifty eyes*

I'm getting a time machine and then I'm going to ruin so many timelines. There will be chases, and shooting, and I'll dress like a boy and much mischief and mayhem will happen, until someone calls me out to stop it all. And that's when I pull on my Stacy disguise and go to fix the problem. Once more, lamenting the elusiveness of our trouble-maker, who got away again. Then some pretend brooding, and I'll help pull our rough and tumble targets to their feet and shake hands all partner-like.

Nobody the wiser. None. Save for one or two who might see through a fake half-cocked grin, but too nervous to come challenge my deep, deep sense of satisfaction.

I will gnaw on them in the evening times.

That's all. That's about it. I must add that Vespa's made my evening, if for no other reason than for reminding me that my life seems full of back-story adventures.

Doug also thanked me the other day for saving the world all those many times. That feels good, the recognition. I wrap it up like a fuzzy and carry it with me for all week.

Loooooong (time) division.

And we're back to Tim again...9___9 (no, I did not forget).

His head was a city
Of paper buildings
And the echoes that remained
Of old friends and lovers
Their features bleeding
Together in his brain

And once it started was harder to
Tell them apart

He was always distracted
By the very mention
Of an open door
'Cause he had sworn not to be what he'd been before

To be a remain remain remain remainder


Self-Serving Seasons

Crazy Muse has bitten me. The teeth marks are EVERYWHERE. Popcorn from our house microwave is pretty crappy. Um...I should be in bed. Honestly.

Mommy's not dead. Daddy's not dead.

not dead.Collapse )


Kids Don't Know S**T


And once more--with feeling.

He feels so much in just a handful of seconds.

There's the familiar, local sense of desperation while his life is in balance--and old friend of a sensation. There's shame because he's following through with his plan, and he almost wants to enjoy the flush, delicious delight that comes when he starts connecting with the crowbar. There's pity, obviously. And then enlightenment, which isn't as assuring and encompassing as he'd always expected it to be.

There's a blade sticking through his chest and he hadn't even felt it go in. He hadn't even seen it coming. The realization that it had completely slipped past him--as easily as it had slipped into him--comes with a memory of his father. Dad, oh God!

Tim feels the unfairness of it all, for despite all of the obstacles in Jason's life, the boy never once had to watch his father die.

It's something Tim shares with Bruce, with Dick. It's something he doesn't want to share, but it's also something that Jason can't take away. That twisted, gloating stare doesn't bother the injured for that single reason.

Tim feels so much.

He feels so little.

Then nothing.

Surprise. He feels...surprise. With waning thoughts of Jack, Tim expects to have met the other immediately. Death had come faster than any clinging curiosity of whether or not he'd find Kon, or Bart or mom on the other side.

But they're not there. Just...


Tim feels surprise, but he doesn't feel shame. He knows the shame should be there, but it's not. I failed. I died. I came right on your heels and I know you would have expected better of me but...

But no shame.


And finally, the other turns. And there's no feeling there either.

No. It's not distressed. It's not sad or commanding. It's just 'No.' It's not your time.

Tim catches the traces of jealousy. There's a part of him that is feeling cheated. Finally, he's found the other. In this impossible to reach place, he's finally caught Bruce hiding. Now the other can come back. Now Batman and Robin can be together.


And then Tim feels again. There's a brief congestion of emotions, before he settles on empty.

Drained, alone--No.


Fangirl, thy name is...

I meant to post this half a year ago, but I finally got the picture off of my cell phone.

You know why this is amusing. But please, don't go calling them up. A certain hacker will take all of your money if you annoy them...

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